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About Swindon Independent Film Festival

Swindon Independent Film Festival was founded in 2018 and proudly puts Swindon in the limelight.

2023's festival brings a new look and a new feel, including new festival directors. Despite some things changing, we always have the same admiration for the films shown and the people creating them. 

Swindon has a rich history linked to films and filmmakers and the Independent Film Festival aims to continue to showcase the best of Swindon’s film scene. So, that’s why, if you’re a filmmaker from Swindon you can enter your film to our festival for free! And what’s more, if you live in one of the towns that is officially twinned with Swindon, you can also benefit from a free film submission.


Swindon is officially twinned with the following places:

  • Salzgitter, Germany

  • Ocotal, Nicaragua

  • Torun, Poland


Also, as of 2009, Swindon also has a twinning connection with DisneyWorld Florida! 


Whilst we have 20 categories for which films can be entered into, we only charge one fee per submission! That means you’re able to enter your film into as many of our categories as you’d like and only pay a reasonable submission fee. 

We are all about supporting the next generation of filmmakers from Swindon and around the world. If you’re a young filmmaker (anyone under the age of 18 years old) or a student (aged 18-25 and in full-time education), we have discounted entry fees for any films you submit. 

We understand that filmmaking and showcasing your film can be a quite costly. We try to keep our fees low, as well as having the including the one entry fee which enters films to all relevant awards. 

We also provide extra support for those who identify as neurodivergent and those who are protected by the UK Equality  Act 2010. If you require assistance with the submission process, please contact us via email.

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