News on Screenings to follow, secure on-line festival this year, due to, Covid-19

@filmatswinge is a new, small, friendly film festival, by filmmakers, for filmmakers. 

We are all about #supportindiefilm

All types of films and filmmakers are welcome, we're an eclectic bunch and we want to help you make the most of your hard work.

We've tried to keep things simple whilst giving the best of micro shorts, shorts, features and music videos a crack at winning an award; not forgetting young filmmakers and students.

Our awards are strongly non gender specific, making the competition a little tougher, as you'll be up against more filmmakers! 

Though leaders and visionaries are the face of a project, they can't do it without a team, so that's how we look at your films.


For example: the Cinematography award is the camera and lighting team as a whole, just like the Sound award includes the entire sound team (it's 50% of the experience after all!) and of course, Best Film includes everyone, every department.

In our third year,  more awards. We are awarding more department crafts such as Costume and Production Design, as well as more genres like Documentary, Comedy and Drama. 


We will also be keeping all of our current awards, such as, Best Overall Films by length and of course our Festival Favourite. 

Although our awards are not cheap to make, we have kept our fees down to reasonable prices for everyone. We also offer free entry to Local Swindon Filmmakers and the Vicinity, International Twinned Towns and to Pauline Quirke Academy students.

Please don't ask for Fee Waiver, we've considered that in who we invite for free and in entry deadlines, do contact us for a discount if you feel you have a strong justification, though no promises!

Good luck and happy shooting, we can't wait to see your hard work on the big screen!

From Music Videos to Feature Films
2018 trophies, updated for each following year, with the exception of 2020 when parcel safe ones were created.
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Hewes Pictures - Distribution Referral Partner Festival

SIFF recommends films for distribution to several companies including Hewes Pictures, who are currently on the look out for Sci-Fi and Horror Films. 

(Recommendation/referral does not guarantee signing).