Day 3
session 5

Friday 23rd July

3 Films with Swindon connections! And in a similar comedic vein a Micro short Animated film.

Snake Oil

A wily street vendor flees London in search of the American dream promised by his late father, but he can’t find it anywhere. A whimsical no-dialogue adventure spanning 2 continents, greatly inspired by the films of Buster Keaton.

12m 55s

United Kingdom - Swindon connection


A troubled man seeks forgiveness for his sins but finds things are far worse than he could have imagined.


United States

Nuclear Sea

A young girl wanders through a post-apocalyptic Britain. Navigating the overgrown wasteland, she makes her way back home. Soon to discover that not everything is quite as she expected. 

7m 39s

United Kingdom - SWINDON



One mans struggle to get his only desire ..... a piece of toast. 

10m 31s

United Kingdom - SWINDON


With Oliver Rogers & Paul Cooper of Toast  


1 h 2m 5s