Day 5
(session 5)

Friday 22nd July


A Free Bonus Session being held upstairs at The Hop Inn


(Due to venue and time changes (starting later and finishing a lot earlier), for our screenings we have had to mix move many of our films to an early afternoon slot, as its awards day we hope this works.



Lost on the road to the sea, where the couple plans to spend their honeymoon, the newlyweds Marina and Maxim suddenly stumble upon an abandoned hotel. The Owner of the Hotel meets the couple and offers them to stay overnight. The events of one night change the lives of all heroes.

Russian Federation

You're Early

Returning home late at night after class, a woman finds her partner at the mercy of a desperate burglar.

4m 45s

United States

Green Lanes

Haringey, North London. Present day. When Yusuf brings his girlfriend Fiona home to finally meet his Turkish parents, the family has to deal and remember a tragedy.

14m 55s

United Kingdom


Berlin, 2020. An unnamed spy is tasked with a seemingly simple mission, but things do not go to plan. 'Printer' is about what happens when the irresistible logic of the spy movie collides with the unavoidable inconveniences of everyday life.

7m 7s



Maria recently suffered the loss of her husband with whom she faced the traumatic experience of the Dalmatian exodus after the Second World War.

The emotional suffering caused by the disappearance of the only person who had been able to keep her from losing hope even in darkest moment, throws her into sadness and despair. Getting back to the refugee camp after a long time will make her memories resurface.




One day a woman sees a man in the train.

His behavior makes her wonder what kind of person he is and even makes her wonder what the gender role is.

Then she realizes something that matters to her.

9m 48s


The Young Man Who Was Also Fire

With the death of his father, 17-year-old Meriton is faced with the question of whether to stay with his widowed mother or follow his studies and move out of the city.

9m 41s


There is Hope

The writer called Death for a long time and it came. But it turns out that it is not so easy to leave this world, especially when Talent has recently returned to you. To die peacefully, you must first destroy it. But Talent is not ready to give up. Fear also joins the fight against Death, forcing the Writer to take a shovel and go digging…

29m 55s


Everybody Needs Some(dead)body

After a lonely housewife’s dead husband returns from the grave unexpectedly, she finds herself in a love triangle with her deceased spouse and her new boyfriend. 

19m 33s

United Kingdom

Against the Grain

John is a carpenter exalts the virtues of his trade whilst revealing uncontrollable twist of events. But now in his twilight years John questions his own resolve, as he sets about trying to create meaning through his craft. 

Against the Grain is story about life and wood.

16m 55s

United Kingdom


A lonely nine year old boy wants to save his mom from his abusive father, but he feels powerless in the middle of all the fighting until...

9m 59s

United States

Agricola 7101

In the midst of a global pandemic, a young boy is given an extraordinary gift. Agricola 7101 is an uplifting documentary focusing on a group of kind-hearted individuals who come together to rescue a long-neglected and rare classic Australian sailing dinghy - fundamentally changing the life of a young, neurodiverse boy along the way.

8m 5s



6m 3s


Little Tassie - The Librarian

Set over one hectic day at Chain Libraries, Hobart, librarian Robin Fenland serves three customers in his own unique way.

4m 23s


Scottish Bake Off

Scottish cooking show final, with celebrity chef Rorden Gamsay.

What culinary delight will win the 2021 competition?

given two items that had to be included: an umbrella prop, and a line of dialogue "Anything but the croissants”.

6m 9s

United Kingdom

In My Heart Again

A Christmas gift reignites a friendship

4m 30s

United Kingdom

Letter To You

Sheltered in her own world of music and carefreeness, a curious young girl fights against a mysterious melancholia as she whizzes on her roller-skates around the most colorful London. 


United Kingdom

Part Forever

- Taiwanese Traditional Customs -

There is a traditional custom in Taiwan that the soul of a dead person would go home to visit his family within three days after his death. Therefore, the family would wait in the mourning hall all night to mourn the dead and express their feelings of remembrance until encoffining.

In the dark hall, candles flickered faintly. A body lay in the middle of the hall. Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung came to say goodbye to Huei’s dearest sister. The seemingly calm and sad farewell ceremony seemed to hide an astonishing and dark secret......

12m 33s



Tough skinhead Adam ignores his disability, depite it he tries to dominate his loved ones.

A decision by his caring brother to change jobs pushes Adam to reconsider his situation and and face up to his own limitations.



Your name, Your choice

Lili Giacobino’s latest stop motion animation, “Your Name, Your Choice,” offers a deep insight into something we often take for granted - our own name and our choice to not be defined by it. 

With characters and themes ranging from loving parents and connected families to disapproval, disregard, and gender identification, the message of joy from having the courage to freely express ourselves, is brought to life. 

Set in contrasting homes, council buildings, and a pub - we are transported into a familiar world that feels personal and relevant to us all and gives us an empowering message of how we have the choice to walk away from what no longer feels true and live the name that we choose. 

5m 16s

United Kingdom

Different Day

Alicia has been the primary carer for her mother and little sister since her early teens. Now eighteen, Alicia secretly starts to make plans to escape her life and go in search of the one she missed out on. But a tragic incident threatens to shatter Alicia's plans, and forces her to make a choice between family duty and her own freedom.  

14m 59s

United Kingdom

Inverno (Timo's winter)

Timo, the youngest of a Greek community of Funfair workers, will have to face the hardest winter together with his loved ones.

16m 28s


How to cope with Oliver Pope

How to Cope with Oliver Pope is the story of spouses Hannah and Jessica who kidnap and torture their local MP in the hope of changing his ways after he opposed an up-skirting bill and many other progressive bills in parliament!

On their way home from a night out, spouses Hannah and Jessica are up-skirted by a group of men on a night bus. When Hannah confronts the men they become aggressive and demand the women perform sexual acts on the bus for their pleasure. When the couple resists, a fight breaks out and the group beat the women black and blue.

14m 30s

United Kingdom

The Outing

All she wanted was a day to herself ...

1970's: A lonely divorcee, Nellie, meets widower Frank on a trip to the seaside. Nellie lets herself be swept away by the hope of connection. But as the seagulls circle overhead and Frank begins to ask too many questions, Nellie realises she will never be able to escape a monstrous family secret ...


United Kingdom

Light Hearted

Callum is a teenager with a life-threatening heart disease which prevents him from leaving the house.

5m 21s

United Kingdom

Dont forget 6PM invited guests Cocktails & Canapés @ Rudi's

19:30 Swindon Premier of Guiltea then Awards