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Eriskay Love Lilt

Anonymous folk song in English and Gaelic about the Hebridean island of Eriskay. Filmed in North Bewick and Eriskay.

4m 19s

United Kingdom

Elektromonteur "E-class"

The concert is ending. Musicians, Michael and Sanchir are leaving the scene and getting in the car.

The Final. Roadside. We see an empty car, the hood is open, smoke is coming. Michael leaves the car, followed by a string of staggering girls. All go into the distance, to meet the bright light.

4m 24s

Russian Federation

Sous le pont où Rivière braille - Official Video

The video for "Sous le pont où Rivière braille" portrays the paradox of the one who, powerless in the face of the misery of the world, prefers to withdraw into oneself, over love or the comfort of an ideal memory. From the height of the privileges of those who have the choice, he travels in its inner meanders and looks down on its own contradictions. Aware of his denial, trapped in his need to forget, he wanders endlessly in a tormented setting, and remains desperately alone.

4m 2s


Rescue Me

Rescue Me is about the inner strife, anxiety and vulnerability. It shows a girl who is fighting her inner demons and doubts to rescue herself. Dance allows her to free herself from her inner torments. Rescue Me is about female empowerment and tries to step into a conversation about mental illness. Moreover, it shows that people can be strong and vulnerable at the same time and even if they appear happy and strong they might be silently fighting their inner battles. Sometimes the only one who can save you is yourself.

3m 18s


imlost2lookaround - RIFT

Three dreamlike scenarios connect three songs. A man wakes tied in a bathtub. As the water rises, he drowns and wakes with a noose around his neck that he connects to a broken mirror. Breaking the mirror on his head wakes him up facing a strange doppelganger.

5m 16s

United Kingdom

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