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- How to cope with Oliver Pope, Part Forever, Sands of Time, Oborozuki, Meglomania- Winner - How to Cope with Oliver Pope


Sound Design-

The Ugly Truth, Your Name, Your Choice, Work it Class - Winner - Work it Class



The Sands of Time, Gates, Censure, Melonga, What do you think?, Gunpowder and lead - Winner- Censure


Production Design -

Gunpowder and Lead, How to cope with Oliver Pope, The Hotel, The Sands of Time, Verona, The Name of The Prime Minister- Winner - The Sands of Time



Everybody Needs Some (dead)body, Work it Class!, Hello Frisco, Verona, The Free - Winner - Everybody Needs Some (dead)body 



Covid Love, Fright Shift, Meglomania, Verona, Part Forever, The Name of The Prime Minister - Winner - Part Forever


Post Production-

Letter to you, Covid Love, The Sands of Time, WHY YOU SIT LIKE THAT?, Meglomania, Censure- Winner - Meglomania


Music Video –




Bennu, Your Name, Your Choice - Winner - Bennu


Documentary -

The World on Drugs, The Cost of Life, Agricola 7101 - Winner - The World on Drugs


Ensemble Cast-

Gates, Everybody Needs Some (dead)body, Terra Nova, What do you think?, Meglomania - Winner Gates


Best Youth Actor-

Reid Richards- Hunter , Holly Roberts - Letter to you, Stephanie Oviuwe - Taila, Light Hearted - Winner- Letter to you Holly Roberts



Marcela Fetter - Verona, Kate Lindsey - Gunpowder and Lead, Tom Baldest - Without Her, Adjoa Andoh - The name of the prime minister, Meglomania - Winner- Gunpowder and lead Kate Lindsey


Youth Film -

Agiricola 7101, Take Heart! , Hello Frisco!, The Free, Lost Forever Alive, Hunter, Light Hearted - Winner Hello Frisco


Student Film –

Tiers, My Dad The Camera & I,Letter to you, Straw in The Wind, The Free,- Winner Letter to you


 Micro Short -

The Letter, Throne Alone, Bennu - Winner Throne Alone


Short Film -

Covid Love, The Sands of Time , The Name of The Prime Minister, Everybody needs some (Dead) body


Long Short Film -

What do you think?, Fright Shift, Terra Nova, Gates- Winner- Gates


Swindon Film -

Fright Shift, Lost Forever Alive - Winner Fright Shift



The Cost of Life, Work it Class, The Ugly Truth, Taila, Gates, , Censure- Winner- Work It Class


Festival Favourite - Winner - What do you think?

The Schedule is Out!

See screening schedule pages.

Sadly due to Illness, restricted sessions and time generally  we can not show all the selected films.We have endeavoured to curate an eclectic mix of the those selected favouring Nominated films.

Nomination categories will be announced nearer the festival screening date.

Selected and Nominated Filmmakers get 2 passes to each day of the festival, Nominated filmmakers get 2 passes to the Gala Awards ceremony.

Please email if you are visiting the festival and to reserve your tickets.

Thank you.

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