2021 - 
We believe all filmmakers are film fans but for those of you who don't make films, there's still lots planned.
You're welcome to join in our networking sessions (more on that soon), binge on our venues selection of healthy and unhealthy snacks/drinks and of course you get 5 great viewing sessions of an eclectic mix of local and international films this year with a Q & A with Local Filmmaker Oliver Rogers and This Country Star Paul Cooper aka Dad.



It's been incredibly difficult this year with reduced screening time, sadly not all selected films can be shown. however the see following pages for the schedule. 

We had to make the tough decision of cutting selected films but in the end thought though disappointing as many films were worthy of selection and in normal circumstances would be screened it was better to award Officially selected laurels, then curate an interesting selection of films to screen, predominantly those that have Nominations.

Next year we intend to screen all selected films.