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Our 2020 Selections

in order of entry, screening session details to follow.

Nothing to be Done

A man falls in love with a woman he sees through his kitchen window.



Better Off

When their mother ends up in the hospital, two brothers explore the uncertainty of their future.



Hard Shadow


Iran, Islamic Republic of

Still Young

Corporal James Shepard returns from Iraq, riddled with guilt from the death of his life long friend. Upon his return he meets a young boy named Ruben, the son of his departed friend and someone he hasn't seen in nearly six years. Tensions rise when Ruben begins to resent James for withholding the true nature of his father's death.


United Kingdom

Straight Outta Compton, Berkshire

Bertie Pinkerton-Smythe, alias "Whiskey Stone", struggles to make it as a grime rapper in the rural countryside. 


United Kingdom

Old Skool

Oscar has a dark secret. Someone died. Will the truth be finally heard?


United Kingdom


Knock knock, who's there?


United Kingdom


A moment of strength during a moment of weakness in a man's life.




Clem is returning to her childhood home.

After almost seven years away, it is not only the funeral of her once stepfather that is bringing her back, but what she is running away from and who she is returning to; her old step-sister Clémentine. 

The women haven’t seen each other since they were separated, but what tore them apart as teenagers is now pulling Clem back. 




A poignant not-quite-love story about three birdwatchers who cross the country in search of something extraordinary.


United Kingdom

Sav B- Dreams 

A commissioned animation for an American client's song.


United Kingdom


This animation represents the spiral into depression, isolation, routine and the need to escape. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.


United Kingdom





Horror-comedy film about the insecurities and overthinking that TV shows, religion, culture and belief systems create in us during male-female relationships and in courtship. It makes fun of us and the roles we take in that process, without making any moral judgements. The story is narrated through a song.


This is a personal and independent project where the director also created the music for the video.



Disco Dynamite

A washed up roller disco champion, who vouched to never put his skates on again, must overcome his fear of the rink to go on a roller skating date with the new girl at work.


United Kingdom


UK Midlands, early 90s. 16 year old Joe lives and works with his unyielding mother, at the family-owned gas station. When two best friends Danny and Rich visit the gas station to buy chewing gum, Joe sees an opportunity to break free. While being bullied by the two troublemakers, he hangs out with them at the local rave club Seawolf. Joe finds himself overtaken by the urge to join the young men’s brotherhood and feel part of something greater. The tension rises between the three main characters when Joe and Danny increasingly get closer.


United Kingdom

The Audition 

Phil has an idea- he's going to put on a play. 


United Kingdom

A Future Where No One Remembers You

Imagine you made a pact with a friend. A pact that stated if either of you ever invented time travel, you would go back to that exact place, that exact moment in time to prove to yourselves that you had done it. What would you expect to see? What would you hope to?


United Kingdom


The rhythmic derive: interpreting the landscape through percussion and movement 


United Kingdom

Drawing the Light In

When clouds throw shade at you, how do you bring light into your day?


United States

Scotland Therapy

In order to escape his boring and meaningless existence, Mark applies for a new type of therapy that will take him on a journey into the unknown and bizarre. 


United Kingdom


Elian Chali is an Argentinian artist who has created works of art in over 30 countries.

The documentary aims to portray the protagonist while exposing different areas in which he performs. The film not only accompanies him during the creation of murals, exhibits and curatorships in several countries, but also challenges the established social parameters since Elian, who was born with dissident body, has lived and lives outside both ideological and physical norms.

The director followed the artist for two years, this documentary is the result of that process.


Argentina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain

It's Time for Tea

After the death of their young daughter, all that remains in Rebecca and Allen’s home is an extensive toy collection and profound grief. Both are attempting to process their loss: Rebecca chooses to repress her pain, while Allen regresses to their child's age in order to replace her. When an unconventional therapist visits with them, he assures Rebecca he can bring her husband back. But first, she must enter into Allen’s land of make-believe.


United States


A Seeress has a vision telling the end of the world, Ragnarök, and its second coming. She will do everything in her power to prevent it from happening but it comes at a cost.


United Kingdom


As an outsider and a lonesome soul, Dr. Stitchfield resorts to science to create his soulmate...


United States

Light in Deep

This animation was inspired by a real story of one boy, who was the last survivor from a ferry disaster, he watched many of his friends falling into the dark with his real eyes. In this film, there is a girl who has a trauma from the memory of her past just like the boy went through. She is on board to follow her friend through where she lost her, the deep sea.


Korea, Republic of, United Kingdom

Glass Ceiling

We follow the progress as a woman competes against a man for a promotion and confronts the reality of male-biased fringe benefits. Her male counterpart builds success-promoting relationships through inclusion in male-biased social activities. This positively enhanced male-to-male bonding excludes her from gaining similar advantages, which is further depreciated when she decides to start a family. This broken system excludes her from further progression opportunities and hitting the ever-present glass ceiling.


United Kingdom

Can't Hide It

Kim and Richard face up to the fact that she has cancer - in their own words the treatment is just a process to get through before getting on with their lives. They didn't consider the challenge of having to relay the message time after time to their friends and family reliving the moment they were first made aware.


United Kingdom

Jordan - Country of Refugees

The non-profit crowdfunding-documentary 'Jordan - Country of Refugees' focuses on the particular situation in Jordan. The country in the Middle East belongs to the group of states which hosts the most refugees in the world. Thirty per cent of Jordan's inhabitants are refugees. Instead of concentrating on numbers and facts, in this movie, refugees tell their story. The documentary shows how they engage in their community - even though they are considered as the ones who need help.



Sorry You Missed Me

A dark comedy featuring a cat called Quentin, owned by Brenda, a lonely film fan, who wreaks her - Tarantino-inspired  - revenge on Derek, a delivery man who fails to deliver, with a few cheeky nods to cinema classics along the way...


United Kingdom

The Note

The man wakes up and finds himself on the bed in the sea ...


Iran, Islamic Republic of


A leading actress in a play facing the circumstances of her choices, while another actress decide to confront her, or perhaps take her down. She is standing in front of an hard decision if hurting her friend in order to achieve her own goals or change the loop she got herself into. A sensitive story, about the devil hiding inside each one of us, and the way one choose to deal with it. The moment of glory after stepping on other foots. The story is accompanying with a strong visual language letting us in the behind the scenes, show us the circle of our soul while getting in to the hidden life of the theater.



The Connection 

Jodi is fairly young somewhat confident woman aspiring to be a stand-up comic. She is struggling to make a name for herself in the male dominated comedy club circuit. One night during her set she notices Tom, an audience member with a distinct laugh.​

After a brief interaction between them during her set Jodi chats to Tom and takes a selfie. By the time Jodi returns home to her girlfriend Chloe a string of notifications ring out on Jodi's social media from Tom.​

Gradually it becomes clear that Tom is infatuated with Jodi. Tom becomes a near constant presence in Jodi's life as he stalks her online and in person. It is left to Jodi to do something about it before Tom goes too far.


United Kingdom

Crossing Lines

"The Agency thanks you for your service."

Immediately after "Agent One" opens a wrong file on his laptop, he decides to quit his job. His agency contacts him with further instructions. 

Crossing Lines, the latest film by director Leopold Hotz & Dennis Bahr. With award winning composer Christian Heschl, actors Nicolai Borger and Frank Habatsch. 




A young autistic boy named Sam, with a passion for Western films, must decide whether to stand down or stay his ground when a showdown for the soul of his village takes place in the local corner shop.


United Kingdom

Fire and Water

Opposites attract but the path to true love is never plain sailing.


United Kingdom

thoughts 141

Tom finds himself isolated and away from home, as his day goes by he reminisces on joyful times.




Manuel lives far from his family, immersed in a routine from which he can´t escape.



I am a Tree

This animation is about the environment and conservation of trees...

Inside the class kids are playing.a boy an idea came to his mind and goes to the blackboard and began to draw a tree. Another boy is angry with this move and goes to the blackboard and erases his friend's painting. The boy again draws the tree This time also the bully boy erases the painting. Another boy is angry with this move goes to the blackboard and draws  a tree and the bully boy erases his painting too.

Meanwhile, other kids go to the blackboard and start painting the tree. The bully boy begins to cough. When he is sad, he sees a chalk on the ground, he also draw a tree and eventually all the children are happy.


Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Flight

The psychological journey of a climate refugee who lost his house and his entire family during hurricane Maria. This is the story of his journey from the darkness back to the light.


France, Martinique


After Loss, Love Remains


United Kingdom


A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone.

Variously described as an Animation, an Experimental Film, a Narrative, a Documentary or a Film-Poem depending on who you speak to, this hand drawn animated film is based on the poem 'Seven Billion' written by the film director that won 2 National poetry awards: The Young Australian Writer’s National Award for Poetry, selected out of a field of 30,000 and the Karen W Treanor Poetry Award (Youth).




The Quiet

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.

The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?




Christian faces a long and intense night of physical suffering to get down to the weight limit for his fight, but is he ready for the emotional toll?


United Kingdom


Jules has visit from his double : coming from the future, he reveals that soon Jules'll fall in love with one of his male best friend. Unfortunately for the moment, Jules is quite homophobic...



Dead Air

Dead Air is a Comedy Horror about 'Monster Kitten' - an all female punk rock band - who get caught up in a fight with little gremlins in a plane at 30,000ft whilst heading to the last gig of their comeback tour.


United Kingdom

pacific roses

Inspired by a true WWII Pacific stories, two prisoners of war in Manila meet on both sides of an interview as part of a new war propaganda initiative directed by the Japanese.  She was one of at least twelve American/Canadian Asian “roses” that ended up getting ”the job”.


United States


The tale of Salif, a middle aged launderette owner and his fear that any day now, his sole employee, 77 year old Mary, might just stop showing up.

The third film in a trilogy of shorts exploring the themes of loneliness, old age and dementia. 

The first film in the trilogy 'letters', was selected for several festivals including the Norwich Film Festival (2015), where it was also nominated for Best Short Film. It was a finalist in the FILMSshorts competition (2018) and was selected for the Purbeck Film Festival (2018), where it won the Audience Award for Best Short Feature.

While the second film in the trilogy 'waiting', was selected for several festivals including the the London Short Film Festival (2019), where it was also nominated for Best British Short Film.


United Kingdom


"Aire" is a small cinematographic essay.

It deals with reflections on modern society and the individual, on the language and the cinematographic apparatus.

It tries and proposes to multiply the possible semantic relations of the audiovisual language.

It is a work with free and open interpretation.  




An ordinary schoolgirl's life unravels after an evil creature takes over her body. Only her mother, with the help of a strange doctor, will be able to save her.



Astronaut ( by Jelly Bean )

Once upon a time, there was a broke guy who left the earth in a thrift store space suit

Astronaut is a no budget Space Odyssey, a voyage into the imaginary world of a hero who, night after night, explores the universe seeking for a safe haven.




If you're weak in something, just try to be your own best! and never forget dreaming!


Iran, Islamic Republic of


A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed. 



The Ice Knife

A woman attempts to commit the perfect murder in this murder mystery.


United Kingdom

Keeping Up the Act

"As part of a promotional campaign, Avon Academy of Arts sent a documentary crew to follow a group of alumni to find out about life after graduation."

A co-production between Spare Time Productions and The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, "Keeping up the Act" brought together a group of graduates and current students from the theatre school to make this bitter-sweet mockumentary. Following three actors as they try and make their careers take off, it highlights the highs and lows that come with making your dreams come true.


United Kingdom

Grounding Short Film

Sarah, a shy 15-year-old girl, finds the courage to open up about the abuse she and her brother have faced at the hands of their mother and the psychological consequences of it while attending an appointment at a children's mental health facility.




After Sarah's husband dies she decides she can't

go on in the new world anymore without his support

and jumps off a building. After which she visits her fondest memories before joining him in the afterlife.




A scientist seeks answers by observing the world through the lens of her microscope.


Far Tides

Far Tides is a dual portrait of two women from very different backgrounds, who become friends as they navigate together through the depths of their fears. 

Setareh, afraid of cold deep water since a traumatizing event that took place when she was 18 years old and freshly married to her cousin.

Sophie, going through a painful divorce and saying goodbye to her dream home and a decade of memories.




A life story of a bottle that can express emotions, feel and dream.




Lost in oblivion is an extraordinary story about a man who was once told he had nothing to live for. Now an accidental addict, he fights a not so sober fight for his life and sanity.


United Kingdom


‘‘Osariya’’ The Kandyan sari, also known as Osariya, is the national garment of many colours and textures worn by Sri Lankan women. It is a long-lasting tradition of modesty and fashion which is now facing the influence of modern social identity.

The Osariya is a two-piece attire, with one blouse that covers the midriff and is tucked into the waist. A key distinguishing feature of this style is that the saree is not pleated at the waist, but rather pleated at the shoulders. In comparison to the traditional saree draping style.

It is a blend of tradition and style; a simple cloth of six yards with a width of three feet with origins traced to the Kandyan Kingdom.


Sri Lanka


Husband and wife, Jean and Marie Kitoko, have resolved to disavow technology, following what they see as the avoidable death of their unborn child, and devote themselves to the teachings and philosophy of religious leader Isiah Cummings. However, Jean struggles to remain committed to their new beliefs in the face of his wife’s rapidly deteriorating health. ‘Edge’ is an intimate and psychological examination of the relationship between people and faith, explored through the lens of two extremely damaged individuals.


United Kingdom


Music Video of Thea Gilmore song



Final Curtain

Oliver and Reese are putting on a two-man play. No-one will come to see it.


United Kingdom

The Man You're Not

Charlie is unlucky in love. After a string of failed relationships where he was told he is “too nice”, his friends decide to take action. They sign him up to a number of dating websites as different people and he has to go on dates pretending to be someone else.  Charlie enters a whole new world of one night stands and begins to see what he has been missing. But will he lose who he really is, and fail to see what’s right in front of him? The Man You're Not is an ultra low budget rom-com with cameo performances from Joanna Lumley, Reece Shearsmith, Adam Hills and Mathew Wright.


United Kingdom

Life Story

Ballet solo showing a human life from birth to death, performed on the dancer's 80th birthday




ArchiPaper is a non-commercial, experimental, short animation that tells a story about architecture in an unconventional way. Physical model of a house has been transformed into an image that teems with life, creating a leisurely-paced, surrealist story immersed in an world built solely out of paper elements. 




In a search of success, a noisy cat is trying to impress its neighbours during the night.



Have You Seen Buster?

Spirited, determined 12-year-old Jacob embarks on a search for missing dog Buster, encountering wacky townsfolk along the way. A fun, bittersweet comedy with an unexpectedly heartfelt ending.


United Kingdom


‘LIFE(y)’ is the silent short film of a middle-aged man encountering the solitary confinement and monotony of a modern existence.... He yearns for a human connection... however unusual or mysterious.


United Kingdom

The Glamorgan Strangler | A Case Study

In 2019 a local video production company gained unprecedented access to an active serial killer while filming a brand film.

The following footage has since surfaced.

The crew have not...


United Kingdom

The Hug Deal

An improvised short comedy. 

A man in need of a pick-me-up approaches two dealers who deliver a slightly unexpected fix...


United Kingdom

Mother of Chernobyl

Mother of Chernobyl is a Russian-language student short film produced at UCSB in the Spring of 2019. The film takes place in 1987 Ukraine, a year after the Chernobyl disaster. It follows the story of a woman named Masha, who stayed behind in the radiation zone with her newborn baby. After deciding to trek back to Kiev to reunite with her family, she ventures into the forest and believes a soldier is chasing her to take away her child. Masha must fight for herself and her family to do the only thing anyone could after Chernobyl: survive amidst unimaginable tragedy.


United States


A woman who dedicates her life to rehabilitating former slaves must take her work to the front line in order to free an enslaved girl.


United Kingdom

A Natural Code

This is a short wildlife documentary about the fascinating Turing patterns in nature and how they may help endangered species around the world. 

The first half of the film introduces three characters - a science writer, Philip Ball and two mathematicians, Natasha Ellison and Philip Maini. They will take us on a quest to explain who Alan Turing was and what is his connection with patterns in nature. Alan Turing was able to explain, using two mathematical equations, how the patterns arise in nature, from zebra stripes and leopard spots to landscapes and even animal movements. This is quintessential for the story, as we will later show how this can help endangered species.

The second part of the film is showing how these patterns can help with conservation. The main example for this will be the beautiful patterns of a whale shark, as their spot point configuration forms a Turing pattern. The last person introduced will be Iru, the Lead Field Coordinator of the Maldives Whale Shark Research. Through her, viewers will discover how the team can identify individual whale sharks by their unique spots on their skin.

This film will take viewers on a fascinating journey, from the secret world of mathematical ecology to incredible Turing patterns in nature and beautiful underwater scenes. 


Maldives, United Kingdom


PLAYGROUNDS is a short film that travels back to the early '90s, lost deep in the suburbs, absent parents allow forgotten kids to escape to other worlds where they can't be found.



The Last

After being shot multiple times, mortally wounded Jess bursts back to life gasping for breath. The aftermath of a violent and bloody shoot out reveals Jess dragging herself through the house nervously checking room to room. To her shock Jess finds her husbands dead body. With limited time Jess makes her final call home, only to discover she is not not alone.


United Kingdom


When Meg moves in with her longtime boyfriend, she is suddenly terrorized by memories of a past trauma from years earlier. Desperate to move forward with the life she wants, she constructs an imagined space in her mind to confront her ghosts and battle their grasp on her reality. 


United States

The Stonemason

Stonemason Jonny Anderson describes how some lasting advice from his father motivated and drove him into his profession working with stone as a craft.


United Kingdom

Flight of the Dodo

A young boy who dreams of flying struggles to escape the confines of his difficult life.



The Voodoo Man

A mysterious man lives in the jungle and grants the wishes of people who have sought out his help. But his remedies come at a price. 


United Kingdom


As a girl drops from the sky onto a crowded beach, a mysterious man drives at breakneck speed towards her.


CHOKER is a unique narrative take on one of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Due to its 'no dialogue' nature, it is a film that we hope will resonate with audiences around the world.

We believe that there needs to be more environmentally focused narrative fiction that will both entertain and educate in equal measure. CHOKER will be the first of a number we plan to make here in Cornwall... each with an unexpected twist.


United Kingdom


Since the death of his parents, the teenage Burak lives with his uncle Cemil and grandmother in a remote Turkish village town. ​ They try to make a living by selling pomegranates but while the religious Cemil is satisfied to live his life in poverty, Burak struggles to leave for the city and going to university. ​ When the grandmother gets sick, both have to make tough decisions that will change their lives.




A young man who tries to close his eyes to the problems in his life encounters a person who can see things others can't.

Weston Snider was 15 at the time of making this film.



Highland Home

A poignant tale of longing and loss is revealed when a timeworn journal transports a young girl to a place of enchanting wonders


United States

Dispatches from the Vietnam War: Beer, Bunkers and Typewriters

- follows the surreal and existential journey of a young soldier entering war for the first time.

Not long after I first met Lloyd I started hearing stories about his time in Vietnam during the war. Each one cut through the archetypes I had often heard about the war and wars in general. Each one insightful and nuanced. Each one led to a desire to hear more.

Details behind why he volunteered to join the Army; what it was like for him to fly on an airplane for the first time, let alone one heading to war; and his transition from Vietnam home were left out due to time constraints. So too were a few other stories. Perhaps those will be shared at a later date.

What remains are three stories that pull you into a world of a young man navigating the paradoxes of conflict at a pivotal time in his life.


United States

ANNA - Cannes Official Selection, BIFA winner for Best British Short, BAFTA shortlisted

Cannes Official Selection 19' - Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love. Nominated for a short Palme d'Or, TIFF, AFI Fest + dozens of selections and awards. Currently, BAFTA shortlisted. BIFA award for Best British Short Film.  



The Rubik Cube

One Shot short



By PQA Swindon Red Group AM 



100% Girl

The difference between men and women creates the most difficult battlefield in the world.

Magical kitchen appliances try to do a little magic to fight for peaceful and sweet life.




After the death of his partner, Sanson Eaglefriek sets out to continue with his work. With conservation in mind, Sanson soon comes across a perturbing sighting.


United Kingdom

5bucks. Case of Hamster

Hamster, the smart small-time crook, who is the main character of the movie together with his friends, the 5BAKSIV.NET start-up founders, are considered to be the prime murder suspects. Investigators must find some answers. However there is a mole in their crowd for whom this investigation is only a cover for another operation. The leading characters get in the midst of internal squabbles between the unknown security officials and a local old gangster, all after the main evidence - a memory stick containing a video evidence of a state crime. And when it seems it is all over, the Hamster stumbles on a daring idea.




Dating is hard. Especially when you’re married. Nothing is what appears to be in this short romantic-comedy about two people who find each other on a very special dating app. You just can’t trust what you read anymore. 

Married writing team Minsun Park and Teddy Tenenbaum took a break from their usual horror fare to tackle a comedy about romance in the age of apps, starring Emmy-nominated Michael Muhney. Teddy directs from a script written by the team.


United States

Mark at the Supermarket

Mark lives his waking hours during the night, only ever leaving his house to bulk buy the same 4 foods from a deserted 24-hour Thai supermarket. One night he notices a girl glancing over one of his favourite items, she wears almost identical clothing to him. Mark is compelled to find a way past his social anxiety and speak to her.


United Kingdom


Emotional drama short film looking at how the lives of mother and daughter are affected by the mother's declining health, as a person living with dementia.


United Kingdom

The Wishing Bridge

A short film about a girl who, when her world becomes too complicated to deal with, there is only one place to go, the wishing bridge. 


United Kingdom


When a lost soul enters a group living on the edge of society, hoping for acceptance she discovers acceptance comes at a cost.


This short film was written, directed, and performed by young people aged 14-19 alongside a professional crew, during a five day residential filmmaking week Summer 2019.


United Kingdom

New Girl

Have you ever been the new girl or boy at school? Lonely and struggling to make friends? ‘New Girl’ tells the story of a new student who just needs one person to believe in her in order to succeed.


Devised by and starring young people aged 8-10

Directed by an over 18 filmmaker


United Kingdom

The Bear Trap

On his way to school Mark discovers a treasure map and recruits his best friends, Bethany and Apollo, to follow the clues. They embark on an epic adventure across the playground to find the buried treasure. All is not what it seems however as they have to pass the scary teacher and escape from the formidable “Bear Trap”. Will the young adventurers find the treasure, or will they get caught?

Devised by and starring young people aged 8-10

Directed by an over 18 filmmaker


United Kingdom


Imagine a world where no-one was ever disappointed, because no-one had ever had a dream in the first place, the ability to dream had been taken away…

Directed and devised by young people aged 14-18


United Kingdom

Safe With Me

Alex is partially sighted and has recently been paired up with a wonderful guide dog called Willow. However danger lies ahead when he begins to question her safety at school.

Directed and devised by young people aged 11-14.


United Kingdom

Stage Fright

A young girl hides in a theatre dressing room, locking herself in she has nowhere to escape. Outside someone, or something, is desperate to get in. But are those thuds at the door for real, or just a figment of her imagination?

The film was written, directed and stars young people aged 14-18.


United Kingdom


Peridot is a girl who likes to stand out and be herself. But everyone is putting her down, including her mum and school mates. Even her sister/best friend is always telling her she’s not good enough. Peri must fight for who she is and prove them wrong!

The film was written by and starring young people aged 14-18. The film was directed by an adult filmmaker.


United Kingdom

Grandma's Supercharged Birthday

When Granny goes out to the café for her birthday treat, she ends up finding a new lease of life at the bottom of a flat white!

The film was devised by and starring students aged with teacher supervision.


United Kingdom

The Abyss

The Abyss chronicles the burden of our minds – the insecurities, anxieties and the incessant battle of the self. 

The film was made by students aged between 14 and 18.


United Kingdom

The Silence

It’s the little things that help to go a long way.

This film was made by young people aged 14 - 18.


United Kingdom

The Quest for the Golden Pinecone

Three very different groups of adventures embark on an outdoor quest, each with their own agenda. They are forced to work together after an unexpected supernatural entity leads them astray. Will they make it out of the forest and complete their quest?


United Kingdom


When revered knight Sir Tristan has travelled far and wide only to be redirected to a princess in another castle, his sense of duty is enflamed. Refusing to allow his quest to be delayed a second longer he storms the tall tower to save his destined love, Princess Theodora. However, this damsel is more ‘hard-to-impress’ rather than ‘in distress’ and believes that while romance & chivalry aren’t dead, they at least need evaluating before she even considers happily ever after. 

Writer & director aged over 18

Cast & additional crew aged under 18


United Kingdom


SIMON : ”I want to be a girl, mommy.” Alma freezes. She doesn’t know how to react: from now on, her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbors. Soon the whole building is debating on Simon’s choice for gender orientation.



Hunting Wolves

Sam explores an abandoned house and finds more than she was looking for


United Kingdom


An  intelligence operative meets up with a conspiracy theorist to retrieve his lost personal handbook. 




A young man walks alone through the woods encountering a bloody Mary like spirit. 




Window Seat is a journey of a dying young writer and his desire to write one last story. As his deathbed awaits, he goes on a journey in search of a soulful story made out of flesh and blood.

As the winds change the tides of his journey, he meets a spectrum of people, which leads him to self-realisation.




Benson's back, having spent the past seven years locked inside his creator's subconscious. He's been through it. He looks like shit. He's developed a penchant for reality TV and playground swings. He's also somewhat imaginary. A meditation on friendship and Bensons, this piece examines shared grief and the lost creations of childhood.


United Kingdom

Boy Genius

A boy grows up a genius and learns what life is all about.


United Kingdom

Scooter Boy

In this all-new drama by award-winning director Ewan Pipe, Ethan Bell (nicknamed "Scooter Boy") must deal with the harshness of life and the memories and grief that still haunts him from his past.

This is a story of being you, dealing with your feelings and dealing with your past.

Can Scooter Boy let go of his past and move one? And what is it that haunts Scooter Boy so much?



Ole, Benni und der Rest des Universums

Oles Freund Benni hat das Down-Syndrom. Doch das hat Ole nie gestört. Bis die große Schwimmfreizeit bevorsteht und die anderen Kinder im Verein nicht wollen, dass Benni mitkommt. Denn jetzt muss Ole sich für eine Seite entscheiden und lernen, zu sich und seinem Freund zu stehen. Dass Ole zum ersten Mal verliebt ist, macht die Sache auch nicht leichter...

That his friend Benni has the Down syndrome, Ole (11) has never disturbed so far. But now - on the threshold of childhood to youth - their friendship is changing. Ole is in love for the first time and suddenly it's no longer easy to stand by his friend ...




‘𝑷𝒂𝒖𝒍 𝒇𝒆𝒆𝒍𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒍𝒆𝒇𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒇𝒐𝒓.. 𝑨 𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒂 𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆 𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍 𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒐𝒐𝒅𝒔𝒎𝒂𝒚 𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒑𝒆 𝒉𝒆 𝒏𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒔‘

Paul's life has crumbled around him and a deep depression has consumed him. He decides to do the unthinkable and end his own life but is interrupted by little Katie Ryan who is lost in the Forrest. 

Together they set off on a journey in search of Katie's parents.

The innocence of Katie's questions forces Paul to reflect on his life and the act he almost committed moments earlier.

Katie has no recollection of which way she came from and many of Paul's questions go unanswered.

They both need each other right now but as they venture further and further into the woods dark secrets lurk in the shadows and the stench of a sordid history is ingrained in the soil they walk on



The Mirror

When a young girl discovers a mysterious antique mirror in the basement of her ailing grandmother’s house, she accidentally opens a window between time that allows her to cross over into war-torn Nazi-occupied Poland.



Valmar - Nyakleves


"Dont do drugs, eat bananas!"

A song against drug-use, especially by youngsters.



Fata Morgana

Three women living life as nomads. Christina travels the world, Anna takes her daughter wherever she goes,  and Rachel has made her home under a branch roof, in a tent and in a cave . 

What does each woman pack in her knapsack before she sets out on her own? 

The movie confronts the conflict between the stability of motherhood and life at home, and the yearning to wander



O, My Friend

Two estranged best friends unexpectedly meet again after years apart, in a place close to their hearts. But a joyful reunion is disturbed by haunting memories and a past tragedy that can no longer be avoided.

A drama set in rural South Wales, O, My Friend is an exploration of love, loss, and the power of female friendship.


United Kingdom


Fluffypunk documents the insecurities, instabilities, and conflicts that plague the life of a performer. Trying to balance the responsibilities of parenthood, artistic integrity, and personal happiness is anything but fluffy!

Starring Jonny Fluffypunk aka Jon Seagrave a comedy performance poet based in Stroud Gloucester UK.  


United Kingdom

Autumn Never Dies

Danny is an ostrich living in Glasgow with his roommate, a monkey named Nelson. After a failed suicide attempt over the break up with his girlfriend, Danny seeks counselling to help him recover from his ordeal and get his life back on track. After meeting Lizzie during a pub quiz, friendship quickly turns into romance but when Danny’s former lover reaches out to him again, he finds his new relationship under threat. With his life at a crossroads, Danny reaches out to his psychiatrist for advice that would eventually help him decide whether to open past wounds or plan a new future with Lizzie.


United Kingdom

This is ME

'This is ME' is a short film exploring 'Spoon Theory' told through the eyes of a young woman struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME.

Ally struggles to get across town in time for a job interview that she can't afford to miss. With the burden of an invisible disability and the expectations of her Father weighing heavy, Ally just might be pushed to breaking point.  


United Kingdom

the end of the heroes

A child, in her search for her father, discovers, by chance, that her new neighbour wears 

an electronic bracelet on his ankle. Believing that she has befriended a super-hero, the child sets to 

the task of gaining his confidence, so that he will help her to find her father.



The Least

The deterioration of a warm, innocent young heart through traumatic events in the Second World War. James Bailey fights for his country and his life behind enemy lines.


United Kingdom

The Odd

The effects of anxiety and depression create a sudden body paralysis.


United Kingdom

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