session five

Family Friendly

17:00 BST

Wednesday 8th July


16m 26s

Short under 20 minutes, Music Videos & Micro short (under 3mins).United Kingdom

A young autistic boy named Sam, with a passion for Western films, must decide whether to stand down or stay his ground when a showdown for the soul of his village takes place in the local corner shop.


The Mirror21m 42sl

onger Short film under 50 minutes   UK PREMIER.  Australia

When a young girl discovers a mysterious antique mirror in the basement of her ailing grandmother’s house, she accidentally opens a window between time that allows her to cross over into war-torn Nazi-occupied Poland.

I am a Tree2m 12sSolo Film   XIran, Islamic Republic ofAnimation, Student, ShortThis animation is about the environment and conservation of trees...

Light in Deep

4m 15s

United Kingdom

Animation, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Student,

This animation was inspired by a real story of one boy, who was the last survivor from a ferry disaster, he watched many of his friends falling into the dark with his real eyes. In this film, there is a girl who has a trauma from the memory of her past just like the boy went through. She is on board to follow her friend through where she lost her, the deep sea.

the end of the heroes - Le Cygne des Heros

1h 16m

Film Feature (Films over 50 minutes) France


A child, in her search for her father, discovers, by chance, that her new neighbour wears 

an electronic bracelet on his ankle. Believing that she has befriended a super-hero, the child sets to 

the task of gaining his confidence, so that he will help her to find her father.


  2h 0m 35s