day four
Eclectic International mix & the best local films
18:00 BST

Thursday 21st July



Talia loves nature. 

Endlessly curious, she finds new ways to slip out of the house - pushing her boundaries to explore the world beyond her front garden.

Caught out on her latest adventure; her father forbids her to leave the house without his permission.


United Kingdom

The Name of the Prime Minister

Adjoa Andoh from Netflix's 'Bridgerton' stars in a gripping thriller about a psychiatrist in a secret government facility, who interviews a man convinced Tony Blair is still the Prime Minister.

9m 50s

United Kingdom


A lonesome King tries to find ways to beat his boredom whilst he is left alone in his kingdom.


United Kingdom

Gunpowder & Lead

Inspired by the music of Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead glimpses into a violent relationship and the dramatic solution of a trapped woman. 

6m 2s

United Kingdom


A writer busy observing obnoxious humans around him, forgets to attend to his own baby, with unexpected consequences... 

Starring Uriel Emil (BBC's CASUALTY,  The Honourable Woman), Kirsty Mitchell (BBC's CASUALTY), Michael Stevenson (BBC's CASUALTY)

3m 25s

United Kingdom


An unrequited love story, starring British autistic TV and film actor Jules Robertson. This bittersweet film tells the story of Oscar, a complex character with unique needs but the same hopes and desires as anyone. Rather than a film ‘about’ autism, LOVE invites its audience to consider the world from the viewpoint of an autistic person. We follow Oscar’s journey as he navigates the stresses and strains of daily life, taking the poetic lyrics of his favourite band The Streets, and using them a coping mechanism when faced with uncomfortable social conundrums. 

18m 47s

United Kingdom

How to cope with Oliver Pope

How to Cope with Oliver Pope is the story of spouses Hannah and Jessica who kidnap and torture their local MP in the hope of changing his ways after he opposed an up-skirting bill and many other progressive bills in parliament!

14m 30s

United Kingdom




Japanese siblings, Kent and Sakura came to Canada for the dream to be famous actors. Sakura is actively making a Samurai sword fighting demo reel for an audition. But Kent is unsure of himself and cannot even step forward to make a demo reel. While preparing for a sushi party at their home, Emma suddenly comes to visit them. Somehow Kento and Emma makes a plan for a date and Kento starts to open his feeling to her.



What do you think?

The short film "What do you think?" tells the story of Alex and Ana, two young lovers who hitchhike from Chisinau to Grigoriopol. The car they randomly stop is driven by Victor who turns out to be a rather uncomfortable man. The tension of the film rises due to the unexpected situations that arise along the way. There are millions of ways the story could end. We chose one of them. Which one? What do you think?

21m 50s

Moldova, Republic of


In a sarcastic version of reality we follow Gene, a young woman who dreams of dancing, but instead, is trapped at home by her delusional Mother. However, a once in a lifetime opportunity means Gene finds herself in the middle of a Dance Marathon Competition, where there is not only the allure of drugs, but the chance to reconnect with her long lost father...

20m 56s

United Kingdom


The story of a young man being persuaded to break up on the day of his proposal by his dead wife who came back from the future.




As a devoted and loving mother's mind begins to unravel, the line between reality and a freakish nightmare becomes increasingly difficult to draw.

10m 38s

United Kingdom

Fright Shift

Pc Clarke doesn't like his job let alone a night shift, but there are consequences to getting it wrong for the protected and protectors. Getting through the night shift becomes a nightmare.


United Kingdom