session fourteen


Friday 10th July

Glass Ceiling

2m 36s 0ms

Short under 20 minutes, Music Videos & Micro short (under 3mins).

United Kingdom

Animation, Short, Student

We follow the progress as a woman competes against a man for a promotion and confronts the reality of male-biased fringe benefits. Her male counterpart builds success-promoting relationships through inclusion in male-biased social activities. This positively enhanced male-to-male bonding excludes her from gaining similar advantages, which is further depreciated when she decides to start a family. This broken system excludes her from further progression opportunities and hitting the ever-present glass ceiling.


Crossing Lines

5m 19s

Short under 20 minutes, Music Videos & Micro short (under 3mins).



"The Agency thanks you for your service."

Immediately after "Agent One" opens a wrong file on his laptop, he decides to quit his job. His agency contacts him with further instructions. 

Crossing Lines, the latest film by director Leopold Hotz & Dennis Bahr. With award winning composer Christian Heschl, actors Nicolai Borger and Frank Habatsch. 




Film Feature (Films over 50 minutes)



Window Seat is a journey of a dying young writer and his desire to write one last story. As his deathbed awaits, he goes on a journey in search of a soulful story made out of flesh and blood.

As the winds change the tides of his journey, he meets a spectrum of people, which leads him to self-realisation.


2h 7m 55s