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Thursday 9th July


5m 13s

Solo Film


Documentary, Experimental, Student

"Aire" is a small cinematographic essay.

It deals with reflections on modern society and the individual, on the language and the cinematographic apparatus.

It tries and proposes to multiply the possible semantic relations of the audiovisual language.

It is a work with free and open interpretation.  



12m 48s

Short under 20 minutes, Music Videos & Micro short (under 3mins).

United Kingdom


A Seeress has a vision telling the end of the world, Ragnarök, and its second coming. She will do everything in her power to prevent it from happening but it comes at a cost.


Sav-B Dreams 

3m 26s

Solo Film

United Kingdom

Animation, Music Video, Student

A commissioned animation for an American client's song.


The Man You're Not

1h 25m 0s 0ms

Film Feature (Films over 50 minutes)

United Kingdom


Charlie is unlucky in love. After a string of failed relationships where he was told he is “too nice”, his friends decide to take action. They sign him up to a number of dating websites as different people and he has to go on dates pretending to be someone else.  Charlie enters a whole new world of one night stands and begins to see what he has been missing. But will he lose who he really is, and fail to see what’s right in front of him? The Man You're Not is an ultra low budget rom-com with cameo performances from Joanna Lumley, Reece Shearsmith, Adam Hills and Mathew Wright.



1h 46m 27s

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