day three
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18:00 BST

Wednesday 20th July

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652 miles = 0 (or the wonderful convenience of videocalling)

During a time of quarantine, global distances contract. The 652 miles separating the director’s London home from his grandmother in Italy are not any different than the distance between her and her neighbours. As most interpersonal relationships are brought into the online world, there is no better opportunity to teach her remotely how to do video-calls. At times funny, at times deadly serious, 652 miles = 0 is a touching account of a familiar relationship. It is a film about family, connection, and belonging, a film that lives neither in Italy nor in the UK, but somewhere in between.

3m 45s

Italy, United Kingdom

Gates (short)

After disappearing from their broken home three years ago, Grace appears in her sister’s life in an attempt to protect and make amends with a less than cooperative Ella.

Grace and Ella trek the beautiful countryside of Kent, but there is nothing blissful about their time together. Past trauma and unresolved tensions simmer below the surface and as the days pass by, the safety and sanity of both sisters will be tested.

29m 58s

United Kingdom


An archaeologist enters an ancient Egyptian tomb, hoping to find something precious : a lost treasure. He actually finds a treasure but not the one he expected...

2m 21s




"Legacy," in collaboration with poet Fiona Tinwei Lam and based on her poem, creates a memory space using symbolic objects, evocative tableaux, and a variety of digital effects to concretize the wisdom that comes with temporal and emotional distance, creating a fanciful, wry, and occasionally bittersweet postmortem of a relationship that founders on the rocks of cross cultural differences.

2m 3s

United States

Dancing with the Angels (Official Video)

Based on true life events, Dancing with the Angels is a heart-warming re-creation of the life of a loving husband and wife who were always dancing! After the sudden loss of his wife, 'Chris' (Steve Furst) spends his first Christmas alone since losing Tracey (Liz Mattey) in the home that they shared together. Through old VHS tapes, he re-lives the highs and lows of their relationship, and imagines himself dancing with her one last time. Self directed by Marie White who tragically lost her auntie to pancreatic cancer last year, this project aims to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

4m 43s

United Kingdom






A young man connects to his Afro-Argentinian heritage 

8m 13s

United Kingdom

My dad, the camera and I

While a father prepares for a high-risk operation in Brazil, a son in Argentina finds travel photographs on his computer. If distance as well as time give rise to forgetfulness, an odd combination of events will allow the reconstruction of a shared memory between them. This will be the beginning of an audiovisual correspondence and the rescue of the link between father and son.

16m 22s

Argentina, Brazil

The Sands of Time

A Time Portal in the Sands Brings a Young Couple Together


United Kingdom





The Cost of Life

The story of young Afghan immigrants told by themselves. The hardships of leaving their own country and families behind in search of jobs and a more peaceful life in Iran. 


Iran, Islamic Republic of

Without her

Andreas and Verena live a happy life together with their 7 year old daugther. It wasn’t easy for him to be a single parent since his life partner left, however he wanted to be good dad and enable Lisa a carefree childhood. But the ideal family image starts to fall apart as his past catches up with him and forces to make a life changing decision…

14m 14s


The Cockpit

Three outsiders take their roosters to an underground cockfighting ring, hoping to win big. But when their cocks refuse to fight, the frenzied crowd flies into a rage. The cockmaster, king of this blood sport, decrees that the outsiders fight in place of the roosters. They face a choice: put on a grisly show for the audience, or face public execution.

14m 59s

United Kingdom

The World on Drugs

The War on Drugs began in 1971 yet, today over 50 years later, scientific evidence and drug policy are more divided than ever before. “The World on Drugs” examines the issues caused by prohibition while sitting down with doctors, therapists, world-leading practitioners, and researchers to take an evidence-based look at some of the substances caught in the crossfire of prohibition and the potential benefit we could get from their regulation.

28m 23s


Work it Class! (ENG)

During a fancy New Year's Eve party, two dancers will try to mock the upper class audience by changing the song of their performance.