day two
International & Obscure!
18:00 BST

Tuesday 19th July

Dream Sequence
What would happen if we met like they did in the old movie musicals...
United Kingdom

Straw in the Wind
Straw in the Wind  is a short suspense drama exploring a mother’s strained relationship with her teenage son, as well as her personal determination to prove her estranged husband’s innocence, who is currently in prison serving time for a brutal murder. Isolated from the community and her family, she sets out to obtain evidence against a likely suspect, by any means necessary...
United Kingdom

The Letter
The Letter is the first film directed by 15-year-old Aarsha Mukherji for the 2020 Children's Day programme of UNICEF. The film is an appeal to Mother Earth through a heartfelt letter from a child and touches upon the important issue of climate change.
1m 19s

Terra Nova
Manaus, Brazil. April 2020. Karoline is a theater actress that goes to a bank to request her COVID's assistance check. She is accompanied by her sister who's trying to get her job back.
22m 4s

The film "Tiers" is a narrative short focused on a group of friends trying to hold themselves together as the pandemic and subsequent lockdown highlights the difference in their situations at home and threatens to tear them apart.
17m 11s
United Kingdom

朧月 ("Oborozuki") 
Misty moon on a spring night
Katsushika Hokusai’s tentacular “Dream of the fisherman’s wife” and Afro Cuban drums are the protagonists of a syncretic ritual; music and dance lead this interesting cultural intermixing music video directed by Joseph Ros for Japanese artist Yuko Fong and Los Rumberos de Cuba. 

20m Interval

Two families on neighboring farms on the border between Brazil and Uruguay. Decades drive these people away. The physical proximity is separated by a fence and the set of prejudices, inexplicable hatred and lack of generosity. In the end of the year, between Christmas and New Year, the families gather on their respective farms. What nobody knows is that a love between two young people is about to break this barrier that is much bigger than the fence that divides the fields. The passion between Rodrigo and Juliana could be the point of recovery for a relationship marked by so many years of hatred, but, like Shakespeare's original story, the human being is much more complex and inexplicable. Whether in Verona, Italy, or on a border farm. Tragedy lives inside people and is sometimes impossible to control...
1h 34m 50s