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Wednesday 21st July

More award winners back from previous years, premiers and multiple award winners -



Last Orders

Bartender Annie finds herself battling through another Saturday night of drunken debauchery. Amidst de-blocking toilets and consoling drunk women, she’s convinced if she picks up another pint glass full of sick she's going to loose it.

But Annie’s not the type to get angry.

Guided by women struggling with the same issues, and those that magically seem to be able to say it as it is, Annie now has the opportunity to find her strength. But will she take it?

14m 24s

United Kingdom


The Road to Mariupol

In 2018, Luke Grenfell-Shaw was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He promised himself that if he got through it, he would fulfil a lifelong dream and cycle across the world. On the 1st January 2020, he began doing just that on his trusty tandem bike, 'Chris.' 

'The Road to Mariupol' follows Luke in Ukraine as he battles against ferocious headwinds, bitterly cold temperatures to reach the Mariupol, where he meets 'the vigilante pastor' Gennady Mokhnenko.

12m 39s

United Kingdom



A young woman tries to gasp for air as she drowns in the memories of a tainted relationship.

Based upon a true story from the writer herself about her experience with being abused by her ex partner.

14m 20s

United Kingdom


The Badger

“The Badger” is the story of a 40-year-old woman called Soodeh Sharifzadegan who faces a strange incident, right before her second marriage. 

Right before Soodeh Sharifzadegan’s second marriage, her 11-year-old son, “Matiar” is kidnapped. After considerable effort, Soodeh is forced to ask for the ransom money from her ex-husband, “Peyman”. After Matiar’s release, Soodeh, being curious, comes to the sudden realization that it was all her son’s plan to provide the grounds for his father’s return.

1h 33m 30s

Iran, Islamic Republic of








The night reveals the secret of the relationship of a teenage Alexander, who decides to flee the house of his adoptive father. The film is a game of desires - the desire to own someone and the desire for freedom.

9m 22s



On / Off

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.



No Dialogue

1000 Days

No one is immune - Globally, close to 800,000 people die from suicide every year. That is one person every forty seconds and we don’t talk about it.

Our aim is to break that silence.

When a life is lost to suicide, what part, do each of us play?

Sangeeta Mahajan, a Consultant at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation, lost her only son, Saagar, to suicide.

On the day of Saagars suicide, Sangeeta started to write a blog, a blog she wrote every day for 1000 Days.

Saagar sat on a bench at the station for, over two hours before putting himself under a train, despite clearly being distressed, not a single person, reached out.

The moment his body was on the tracks, the camera’s came out to - TWEET!

When a life is lost to suicide, what part, do each of us play and can a Mother survive the unsurvivable?  The loss of an only son. Explored via a blog written by a grieving mother for a 1000 Days

21m 57s

United Kingdom


Give Me a Name

The United Kingdom, about ten years in the future. Jennifer, a senior intelligence officer, is briefing her deputy Kate about a new detainee who has been arrested for crimes against the state. But there is something different about this prisoner...

As Kate conducts a ruthless interrogation, Jennifer, faced with her sense of duty on one side and her conscience on the other, must make an impossible choice.

9m 55s

United Kingdom




3h 33m 7s

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